Tasteful Elegance

Tasteful Elegance

Chic fashions and tasteful elegance can be found side by side in an ideal combination in Baden-Württemberg's capital city.

Königstrasse is a lively shopping boulevard more than a kilometre in length, with speciality shops, department stores, cafés, restaurants and leisure areas. Germany's longest pedestrian precinct, it begins opposite the main railway station and runs right through the heart of Stuttgart. Other streets leading off to the right and left of this main shopping zone, such as Eberhardstrasse and Stiftstrasse, also tempt shoppers with their elegant stores and boutiques. For way-out fashions and up-and-coming designers, the Gerberviertel (Tanners' Quarter) in particular is the place to go.

A visit to the Königsbaupassagen (Königsbau Arcades) is an absolute must for all shopping fans. This modern, spacious shopping mall with a sales area of around 25,000 qm extends over five levels. For decades now the name of Breuninger, Stuttgart's leading clothing store, has been synonymous with top quality, a superior, varied selection of goods and competent staff to advise customers, making shopping a pleasure. The large department store located directly on the Marketplace, with its café in the Karlspassage, is where to go to see – and be seen in – the latest fashion trends. Next to the Breuninger department store lies the brand new shopping quarter “Dorotheen Quartier”, opened in May 2017. 30 classy shops and restaurants, covering approximately 11.000 square metres, form a lively area that invites to stroll and linger.

Memories of holidays in southern climes immediately spring to mind on entering the beautiful Art Nouveau Market Hall, thanks to the huge range of exotic delicacies, fruit and flowers from all corners of the globe to be found here. This speciality market and gourmet's paradise also includes an emporium with a difference: on the gallery, Merz & Benzing offer an enticing and inspiring range of articles for the home and garden.

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Source: Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH

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